4th grade animal structures

Does anyone have any Formative ideas for internal and external structures animals use for survival? I tend to rely on the multiple choice questions, but would like to find some diagrams or videos to use.

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This is a great question Kim! I think it extends beyond 4th grade! What are ways that educators are using Formative to help students identify different parts of structures/models? We’d love to hear from @Science_Educators and beyond! By the way, feel free to use tags like that whenever you want input from a specific group :slight_smile:

My new favourite type of question is Categorize! Create two categores and give them a list of items and they need to sort them into the right spots. If you don’t have the premium types, you could do a similar thing with Show Your Work. Give them the items or the categories and they need to identify where they belong eg. circle all the internal structures animals use for survival.