5 Recent Updates!

Hey everyone! Here’s 5 updates that we’ve recently added to Formative! Shout to all the teachers who’ve requested them in the past and to our @Certified_Educators for helping us finalize them! Feel free to use these images to spread the word!

  1. You can now add images and math text to questions!

  1. You can now add images and math text as answer choices (premium feature)!

  1. You can now edit assign settings from the Formative dashboard and also share a copy of a formative from the assign panel!

  1. You can now hover over standard abbreviations on the tracker and it’ll show their descriptions!

  1. The feedback window now auto-scrolls to show the most recent feedback you’ve sent!


Love to be able to share and assign a formative at the same place. I saw this the other day and was excited!! :slight_smile:


Absolutely love all of these. Especially

You absoluetly made my day! Thank you