5NBT3.a & 3b write, compare decimals

Here is the clone code: OOJUTU and here is the link: https://goformative.com/clone/OOJUTU

I created this and have continued to use it when working with my 5th graders. Decimals are one of the first topics that are introduced in the year for my district. Students are given the opportunity to ‘show their work’ because we are looking for understanding, rather than guessing. Take a look and let me know what you think? If you like it, please clone and use. Enjoy!

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Thanks for sharing this with the community, Sarah! It looks like a great, quick formative assessment! I like how you provide students with a variety of different ways to show their understanding of writing and comparing decimals. I also like how you uploaded a template for them to share their understanding of place value.

I am tagging all @Math_Educators in here in case anyone else has feedback or questions! Feel free to use the subject-area tags like that whenever you want to hear from subject-area teachers!

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