6 New Formative Updates!

Hey Formative Community! We just released 6 new updates and wanted to share them with you! Shout out to all the educators who’ve made these features possible and shout out to our @Certified_Educators for participating in our design sessions and discussions over the past few months!

If you’d like, feel free to reply with the ones you are excited to use in your classroom and how you plan on using them!

  1. You can now score responses within the tracker! This can be a huge timesaver as you look at a students’ set of responses for a formative or for a standard!


  1. You can now filter progress in the tracker by assessment type! This gives you a whole new level of insight into student progress and can help you further personalize learning.

  1. Your students now receive feedback notifications within their formatives!

Premium upgrades

  1. In your profile settings, you can now set the default point value and default assign options for your formatives! If you select specific things frequently, this will save you a TON of time!

  1. You can create and customize score thresholds according to color and range!

08 PM

  1. To top things off, you can now include emojis in both your question text and in the feedback you send! Simply use the colon symbol to do so!


@david Amazing stuff! Keep on going like this :smiley:


it would be useful if we could also modify the red score threshold. options like this should generally be left flexible and not hardcoded/fixed as it is impossible for coders to anticipate the myriad ways teachers might want to set things up :slight_smile:


nevermind, i figured out that i can lower the red by lowering the yellow!

These are wonderful. Keep up the great work!