6.NS.6 Quick Assessment for Re-assessing Standards Mastery

I just wanted to share a quick assessment I’ve used for students to re-assess on standards’ mastery if needed. It’s a quick 3-question one but will give basic information on their understanding of CCSS.Math.6.NS.6. I want it to be something that doesn’t take up too much of the students’ time but also gives me what I need for reassessment purposes. Please give me any ideas on how to improve this. I’d love ideas so I can apply them to the next ones I create for each of the other standards as well. Thanks!

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Looks good @allane. 6th graders start to ‘quick click’ just to get a right answer in multiple choice questions (if they are set to show scores immediately.) In order to get a true assessment, I would set it show scores upon submission and NOT allow for edits after submission. :slight_smile: I have used Formative for pre-assessing and retention/review for the past three years inn my middle school and high school math classes. It’s a great way to quickly figure out what students already know, specific common misconceptions in student learning, and who needs a refresher on a particular topic after the assessment.


YES! I totally agree! I have it set to not show scores until a certain due date if I’m using it for assessment that will be part of their actual grade. :+1:


@allane I taught 6th grade math and love your quick formative! Have you considered tagging your questions to standards? One of the benefits would be that you could have a formative that assesses multiple standards, tag the questions to them, and then be able to see your student’s progress on the individual ones within the tracker.

Other benefits for tagging questions to standards include being able to see class averages for each standard as well as being able to see individual student portfolios of work for each standard!

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