9 Awesome Ways To Use Formative For Science


@Dawn_Frier1 @david and I recorded a webinar to help everyone discover “Awesome Ways To Use Formative for Science” @stephanie.talbert @masjones helped create this formative with the variety of question types that you can be used in science content areas along with examples of how we used them in our classes. In addition to question types you can embed other Edtech tools to help enrich content. I really like how these different tools aid in student engagement.

Here is a link to the webinar:

Here is a clone link for of the "Awesome Ways To Use Formative for Science
" formative: https://goformative.com/clone/BAJWBK you can add it to your account if you’d like to use it to share the strategies with your colleagues.

We’d love to hear yout thoughts about the webinar and any other strategies that you have for using Formative for science.

  1. What do you think makes a good science best practice?
  2. How can we encourage more people to use these question examples?

Well done, you three! I really love what you did. Lots of new ideas or my science class. Thank you so much! :clap: :heart_eyes:


I would like to know more about how you exactly assign work to students as group. My classes all set in formative already. Do I create groups first than assign?

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You can do it a few different ways. The paid version allows you to assign a formative to specific students. If you use a LMS, you can create groups on there and then allow them to access specific formatives.

Great ideas! I wonder how much of this https://sciencejournal.withgoogle.com/ can be embedded…


This is great! I am always looking for something to share with science teachers.


@rsanders I love that you created a formative with all of the examples. This will be an excellent resource to share with other teachers who are having trouble understanding the many possibilities of using formative.

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Very impressive post and video. Thank you for the tips.

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Thank you for the different examples, got some good ideas to create questions and use formative.

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Having kids write out a hypothesis on Formative is such a great idea. I use a very similar format, but have done it on paper. Transferring this to Formative would save time, trees and I would be able to give instant feedback, which is great!