A feature I would love now!

Can Formative add a feature to download all questions/answers in a PDF format that students can submit when they are done? For schools that are only online, we have our own system where students are required to submit their documents. It’s not enough that I provide feedback within Formative. PLEASE allow students to download the assignment as a PDF (everything in one document).


Great idea.

Long work around: In a formative - click the three dots on the top right, click print, choose which students formative’s you wish to save, & then save as pdf. You could then distribute this to students.


This is a great idea. I would also like notifications for when a new formative is submitted and the option to not show students that haven’t submitted yet.


My school is only online so students have to submit their work on a website. It would be awesome if Goformative allow students to save their assignment as a PDF so they can upload that to me.

I love the idea of hiding unsubmitted students! Should this be its own thread, though?


Yep! Love this as well. It’s totally annoying when students submit and there’s no notification. I have to find the individual student. It would be great if there was a notification when a new student submits an assignment.

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