A formative for internet search assignments?

I’m looking for a formative that I could use in information technology to find answers to questions (e.g. what time does the train from X leave to Paris?, provide an URL for a cooking recipe for spaghetti, find a picture that shows …). Has anyone done something like this?


I have NOT, but this sounds like the kids would like it.

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@michael.lutz Have not done that specifically, but your post inspired me to create the one below to use at the beginning of next year:

How to Google search: https://goformative.com/library/ufTJAeaTxLwFi6WY3

Though by this time, you have probably already created one, I offer it up as a starting point for others or to add some of the things you may want your students to practice.


That’s awesome Mariana! Thanks for sharing.

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