A New Year Formative to Share

Here is a Quick Write for any age group that I made for my Grade 3 students to set goals for the new year. Code: QTBQUD Link https://goformative.com/clone/QTBQUD


I’m planning to do the same with my group when we go back next Monday, so it helps seeing how you’ve set yours up. I’m also thinking that I’ll include a mixture of question types for those “goal-setters” that struggle a bit more than others. I’m also in third, and have a select few students that might need some options, or multiple-choice suggestions, rather than only the open-ended.

Also, check out the recommendations that @ebryan shared with me in a post last week. Definitely correlates with the formative you created! Virtual Learning Session - Using Formative in the ELA Classroom

Thanks again for sharing!


Hey @susan.castigliego- thanks so much for sharing this! We gave you a shout out on Twitter! This is such a great tool for reflection. Are you planning to use a model for goal setting like “SMART” goals, or leave it open-ended for your students? I’d love to hear your thoughts!


Thank you…I didnt see it though :confused: My goal setting is open ended this year but next year or maybe later this year I plan on moving to a more structured model.


@susan.castigliego What a great idea! Thank you for that!