AB1584/Cyber-Compliant Educational Program

I work in California, and since 2014 our State Legislature passed AB 1584: Pupil records: privacy: 3rd-party contracts: digital storage services and digital educational software. It has not really been strictly enforced till we were forced into distance learning in March. Is your platform compliant with this law in California? My school district has recently started banning software, apps, and platforms. I am afraid that I will no longer be able to use nor recommend your platform to my fellow teachers or to the district in general. My district has tried to reach out to get some response regarding your compliance, and due to lack of any response, they are now starting to block the use of your software. Who is the contact person I can reach out to send a response to my school district? Thank you.

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Have you looked here?

Not sure if it helps but seems to have all the relevant laws most use.