Access to premium formatives after premium is no longer active

My school purchased premium accounts for several teachers last year. We have new administration this coming year and there is no guarantee that they will keep the premium features for us. Will the formatives created under my premium account still be available next year if my account resets to the non-premium status???

I really don’t want to lose all of the work done on the assessments and assignments we created last year.

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From what I know, the answer to that is yes. Much like items in the library that are created with premium features are available to all (even without premium). Even clone codes shared from premium accounts remain with the premium question types, though new non-premium items cannot be added to it.


Thank you for your response. I appreciate the help :slight_smile:

Be proactive, show off your formatives & student work and get other staff on board. The new admin will appreciate your passion

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