Adding a Background Image on a Formative


I want to add a background image on a Formative that I have prepared. It is my school logo (They all loved it when I shared this idea with them :sunny:

I added the logo, but it shows part of it or all of it depending on my zoom in/out. How can I make the whole logo visible there all the time?



@omer.karabacak Where do you put a background image? I didn’t know that could be done! Is it at the top?

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Hi Rachel, yes, it is at the top :slight_smile:

I wish I could see an image that does not appear / disappear when I zoom in or out.


@omer.karabacak It’s great to hear from you! Could you share the clone link for your formative here so we can check it out? Also, can you attach the image you are trying to use too?

Hi David, Sorry for being away for a while. Just a quick update, I’ve finished my master’s degree in education technology, that’s why I was away :slight_smile:

About my question, here’s the clone link:

I am also attaching the image that I want to add. I am using Chrome. You will understand what I mean when you zoom in / out. I have also tried it on my android phone. I didn’t have this issue there. The background photo stays intact there when I zoom in on the phone.

I am presenting Goformative to a group of teachers tomorrow, solving this issue will be a big help :slight_smile:


Awesome - thanks! Now something else to play with!!!

Congrats on your Masters! It’s great to have you back :slight_smile:

How are you zooming in and out?

Are you using crtl +/- (PC) or command +/- (mac):


Or are you re-sizing the browser window?


We probably can’t do anything by tomorrow but we can definitely consider improving this in the future!

One work-around you can try is using @fichtlis 's template for re-sizing background images. I just tried it out and it made it so the full logo is visible no matter how I manipulated the screen:

Here’s the example I modified:

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I figured out how to put the backgrounds on my Formatives. The picture at the top only, I put the picture I wanted to use into a powerpoint slide, moved it to the very top of the slide, then saved the slide as a JPEG. It seemed to work for me.

. If you need more information on how I did this, I can send you a video. I am making a video for my team on how to do this.
I know it is a little late for your presentation today.


@david Thank you for your help, I have tried @fichtlis 's template, but I am still having the same issue :slight_smile:

Not a big problem at all, though. For your previous question, I am using ctrl + / -. Everything on the page moves when I do this, which is normal. Our teachers just want to make sure that students see the whole logo there, so that they won’t think like “our teacher is not a professional, s/he could not even place a logo properly” :stuck_out_tongue:

@Rachel_Kerr Thanks for your support offer, but I can already put a background. My issue was about manipulating the screen and not being able to see it.


@omer.karabacak No problem! If you get a chance, I encourage you to take a peek at my modified version.

It’s not perfect but it does (as far as I can see) make it so that the full logo appears no matter what!


Loving this because I now have something to play around with. Why did I not think about adding the logo? My weekend will now be dedicated to making sure it shows up nicely. Thanks for the idea!

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