Adding formatives to an independent web page

When I set up a formative that is not dependent to a specific class is there a way to embed the whole formative exercise on another website ?

You can embed a formative into another webpage. Here is a suggestion from Mariana. Just put the Formative URL into the iFrame generator to get embed code to put into your website… or another Formative. :slight_smile:

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Yes, thanks for that. However, when I take the url of the goformative I have created and imbed it with the iframe then I see my version and NOT the version that the students should be seeing. On my view I have all the answers. Any suggestions here ?

It is probably using your teacher credentials from your other tab of the full GF site, try loading the target webpage in a different browser or try the incognito mode so your GF login is not active.

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Like @weisepet mentions, it is because you are logged in to your account. The link/URL is the same for both, but depending on who is signed in it will show the different “versions”. If you don’t have access to a student account, but would like to see exactly what the student sees, I would suggest assigning it to guest students. Log out of your teacher account and then load the page where you embedded the formative. You should then see what the stduents see.


I was confused by this at first, too. Rest assured, the students will see THEIR version when they go to that site. The good news is that when YOU go to that site, you are already at the GoFo that you need to look at to grade. :slight_smile: