Adding Standards to printed copy of test


May '20

Our school conducts quarterly “benchmark tests” that are tied to their CTE standards. Each question is tied to a standards or more. Our teachers need to submit a hard copy of the test to administration. GoFormative tests are easy to submit by printing a PDF copy. However, they lack the standard when printed. A work around is to use a PDF writer. It would great if the GoFormative format folks could add this feature to the printed copy.


What a great idea! It would be great to at least have the option of whether or not to print the standards on the test.

Good morning;
I was able to create an Excel type report showing standards. It’s a little involved. You need to manipulate the spreadsheet and use its pivot tables.

That’s a great tip!! Thank you for posting!

Great idea @rdipietro ! For anyone who would like to vote in favor of the feedback, here is the link!