Advice on troubleshooting

I have one student who is clearly “on the roster” as I see her in the class - but we cannot get the assigned test to show up on her screen. I see that she is enrolled, but her screen shows nothing (even after she used the ‘class code’ )

Can you show the assignment settings? If the formative is assigned to a section, and the student is in the section it should appear on the student dashboard, unless it’s closed or scheduled in the future.

I am also having an issue. I am receiving ERROR CODES saying my assignment cant be added to GC. “Please make sure formative has access to my GC”. All of my classes are synced. Not sure what I am doing wrong…

Hey @jambrown, sorry to hear about that. Sounds like you could be using the wrong account when the google sign in modal pops up? Can you show some screenshots? Also, if you contact they can usually help troubleshoot issues quicker than in the forum.