Allow a Single Student to Resubmit

I am using a Formative as my mid-unit assessment which students are not allowed multiple submissions. I have a student to “accidentally” submitted before he answered all questions. Is there a way for me to open resubmissions for a single student?


I am wondering this as well.

Can you click on the three dots on the right of the students’ name and clear their responses?

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Clearing responses does not allow resubmission. The setting of the assignment can be changed to Edit, to allow resubmission but then it applies to the whole class as well. I have not found a way through this except reassign it to just that student separately.

It’s been my experience that clearing the student responses allows them to re-submit the assignment. The drawback is that all their existing answers are now gone and they have to start from scratch. My sympathy for “accidental” submission is pretty low since it prompts them twice before submitting is official so it’s not like they just accidentally clicked the button while moving around the screen.

As @Julie_Lundeen mentioned, using the “Remove responses” option when viewing the student in the sidebar will allow the student to resubmit. This works because the submission, as well as the student answers are marked as deleted.

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