Amplifying Student Voice, Monday night's chat

Another great Formative Chat on Monday night led by Kristi Daws, focusing on Amplifying Student Voice! What are some of the ways that you work toward this in your classroom? @Certified_Educators @informed_members



I missed the chat but want to chime in. About 4 years ago I learned about the importance of student voice and it changed my thought process. I am constantly thinking about ways for students to express their voice. I feel like my students are taught from a young age to only give the “right answer”. They do not even know their voice. I try to help them find out what they love and their strengths and start developing their voice. Once you know your voice you can demonstrate mastery for just about anything with your specific voice. Pretty much all my answers will end up being connected to food, relationships, art, service, global or technology. Needless to say, I teach Family and Consumer Science which involve all of these areas - soooo I love what I teach. Big answer to Q3 - I help my students find their voice then let them show me their mastery in whatever creative way they can.

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