An amazing formative within a formative

WOW this is incredible


Absolutely fabulous! I was showing my colleagues some of the features of Formative today, and you just made it so easy!


I used this with a few tweaks for my presentation last weekend at EdTech Summit - it was awesome for people to see the different question types from a student and teacher perspective. My evaluations came back 4/5 (rounded). People are hearing about Formative but many at my session had no idea it could do all that it can!

Thanks again @michael.lutz for a great tool for presenting.



Michael, thanks for sharing this! A lot of great ideas! I had to try some of these right away. I love the App smashing and I didn’t know how to turn any web page into something that you can embed into a formative. I played around with embedding a Gizmos into my formative and now I can’t wait to try it out with my students. I had never thought of embedding Google Docs, or Forms , but now I can see that this is something that I totally want to try it out.


I just looked over this again, and it is really good. I think I may use it with my webinar next week. Thanks Michael!!


This is a great idea! Dig it and will be sharing with teachers that were asking about differentiating with Formative. Thanks @david!

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Super! I am glad to hear that this will be useful! Me and @rdene915 hosted a slow chat in our community about differentiation! Feel free to check it out and jump to one of the questions from here. @mgarcia @ray.killian @Rachel_Kerr @d.vendramin @fichtlis have already shared great insights in those topics where those questions were posed!

Also, check out this methodical approach that @tricia.mintner uses to differentiate within Formative!