Any AP Calculus teachers?

I am currently using Formative in my AP Calculus class and I was wondering if there is anyone else who teaches AP Calculus and how you use Formative with your students. Right now I use it for homework quizzes that involve both multiple choice and free response questions. I can grade the quizzes immediately in formative and we can discuss the results in class.


Welcome to the community, Mary Jude! It was great getting to meet you today! I am tagging our @Math_Educators in here so they can check out what you had to say! Feel free to use handles like that when creating a new topic/replying to one! They are available for pretty every subject area and help encourage communication :slight_smile:


Thanks! I can’t wait to get exploring and connecting!

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You are welcome! We may not have any AP Calc teachers in the community just yet, but I encourage other math educators to share how they are using Formative as well! There are so many great ideas that span across grades and subjects.

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What is AP calculus teachers?

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AP Calculus is a math course!

Hi! I don’t teach AP Calc, but I do teach Pre-Calc!! I would like to use Formative more next year for HW checks and during review activities. I tried something last year, where I put a graph and asked the students to pretend that their friend was absent from class and to try to explain how to find the limit as x approached a certain value. It was a 1 question thing, thought up at the last minute, so it wasn’t fancy (at all!), but I did get some really interesting answers out of it. What I had PLANNED to do with the data, but couldn’t really figure out a way to make it happen, was to have the kids give feedback on their classmates responses. I got the responses in a spreadsheet, and could have had them make notes on a printout of that, but didn’t find a way to make it happen in formative and honestly, dropped the ball on that feedback activity.

One thing that I plan on doing this year is when I teach the derivative rules, I usually give an example of a function and it’s derivative and see if they can figure out the rule. I think I will have this in a formative, so I can easily see what each student comes up with. I just did it on paper this past year…wish I had thought of formative then!

Hope we can connect more about some upper level math!

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Hi again! I just tweaked the limit formative that I described in my first post…so now it has 2 questions lol. :slight_smile:

Would appreciate thoughts if you have time to check it out:

Oh, I just learned how to enter it in the editor…before, I had just written it out in words (find the limit of f(x) as x approaches 2). I was excited to see that when I used the subscript for x->2 in the editor, it put the whole thing below lim. Yay!

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Nice. I use to teach precalculus two years ago. Formative gives great opprtunity for tracking students progress.