Anyone have a Breakout Template using Formative

Need something to review skills in all subjects


Hey Lance!

@Dawn_Frier1 led a #webinar where she shows how she uses Formative and other tech tools to make a digital Breakout for math. Here’s the topic:

And here’s the specific part where she walks us through her Breakout:

I hope this helps!


I like this idea. I did a digital breakout in German with a Google Form last year but not a formative. I like the idea but I want to lock them out from submitting if they don’t have the right answer.


Thanks for taking a look! I’d love to hear more about why you would want to lock them out and what you would want them to do after that so that we can think about how to address this.

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Love this idea! What would be really cool is if a new question can be linked (opened) if a question is answered correctly.

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Great idea, Shai! I can definitely see how “branching” would be useful and we can consider this! A related feature that @mgarcia brought up was being able to send students automatic feedback based on their response. I could envision using this for pointing students in the direction you want them to head as well.

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