Anyone using Listenwise?

I came across a pretty cool website on the Common Sense Media site today, Listenwise. Has anyone else used this? I think it could work for various subjects and definitely be included in Formatives or HyperDocs. I am excited to explore it!


Tell us more. It looks promising!


@michael.lutz I don’t know more YET, but I will keep you posted. I am really intrigued.

I really like it. I set up a free account and use it for short audio tasks to help students develop listening skills. It has lots of current “articles” to use. I use the discussion questions. I have not felt a need (or $) to pay for the premium version. You can also use Socrative with it.


@clsnyder-renfro Fantastic. Than you so much for sharing as I have not known anyone to have used it until now.

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