Applied to Present at EdTech Ontario Summit

Okay, I’ve sent in my session proposal. I presented last year so I would hope I get accepted since they asked me to give a proposal.

What do you think? Things have changed since last April, I am going to have to redo the presentation from scratch I think.

Formative is a tool that can quickly inform your teaching, give immediate feedback and save some time assessing. Bring your Chromebook or laptop and learn how to create a formative (or summative) assessment using Formative! It connects to Google Classroom too! This is an interactive session where we will try out the tool from a student perspective, and make one for you to try when you get back to class! I’ll tell you how I use it, and, introduce you to a whole international community of supportive educators willing to share and help.


Hey Dawn,

I think this is great! I love how you bring up that it works well with Google Classroom since I know that this is a Google Summit. I would recommend also mentioning that you can tracking student growth using formative (according to standards that you tag to questions). I also really love how you describe the Community Center and think that it’s an enticing and accurate way of portraying it!

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Looks great! I am in the same boat with my Formative presentation! The one downfall to all these great changes is that we presenters have start over!:joy::joy::joy: