Archive classes, again

It is that time when I am setting up my classes for the next school year. Seems like we continue to have the same discussion, but the question remains:

How can we archive classes**/batch unassign**?
I know that when students come in in a couple of weeks and log on to formative, there will several that still have formatives “assigned” from teachers of previous years that remain in their dashboard, which makes it difficult for them to navigate to what is actually assigned.
Can we reopen this discussion and hopefully come up with a solution? Maybe there is one and I just don’t know it :slight_smile:


Tell your students to sort their formatives by “last assigned” or show them how to select another class, e.g. maths 2019/20.

Does this help?


Thanks for the tip.

I still wish we could archive the whole thing in one fell swoop. I know that last year my students still had things from previous teachers that were never unassigned and still clutter their stream.


Go to Classes. Select one or more classes. Click on Archive. At least all your stuff would be off the students’ screens.

I wonder if on that screen, there could be an ‘unassign and archive’ so the students don’t have ‘answers’ already filled in. This happened with a student of mine who had to take the semester over again within the school year. If I remember correctly, all the students in classes archived did not see any ‘old stuff’. However, since it was the same school year, she could see it. At least she cared enough to remind me to delete her scores so she could try again.


I think that this is exactly what I would want. :slight_smile:


I always ask about that too.

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