Archive Classes

Is there anyway I could archive my past classes instead of deleting them? I would like to keep the class data.

Any insight into this would help.


What a great question!

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Hi Rachel,

There is currently no feature for archiving classes. That being said, classes are just groups you create to assign to students. That means that if you delete one, it will not delete their responses or data. It just means that their data will go under the “All” tab on the View Responses page and Tracker page respectively.


Hi David,

Is there a way to all at once delete all the students that were in my (for example) 1st period class last so that I can have my 1st period from this year imported from my new Google classroom group of 1st period students?


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Hi :slight_smile:

When you select the Import from Google Classroom option, all your classes and students are imported from there…as is! So if you don’t want certain students to show up or you want to add new students, you need to make those changes in Google Classroom and then import when you have your roster setup there!

As a side note, we do have a delete class option, but that doesn’t delete the class from Google Classroom, it just deletes that class in Formative. When you delete the class, the students will still retain their accounts and you both will still retain responses, scores, and feedback (they’ll just appear underneath the All tab on the View Responses page and Tracker, as opposed to under the class):

Please let me know if I can clarify anything!