Are there timestamps or assignment dates for Formatives?

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@craigfromformative showed me that you can now see the time that each student submitted the formative if you export the formative. It’s shown in the first column of the spreadsheet :grinning:


Woo hoo! Thank you so very much!


Late responding…but I have started putting the date in the title of my Formative. The date I put is the date it was originally assigned. Ex: “Adding Fractions with Mixed Numbers (12.12.17)”


@cshattuck This is a great idea! Thank you for sharing :slight_smile: Since this conversation has started, timestamps have been added to the export page. They now appear in the first column of the sheet and mark the date and time that a student submits the assignment. Thank you again!


I would LOVE a timestamp! Has there been any progress on this over the last few years. I am one of my math classes as ‘self-paced’ but they still need to be productive working at their own speed. I can tell when they submit a pre-post assessment (Google Forms), when they watch a tutorial video (EdPuzzle), but I can’t see how long it takes them to complete a practice assignment in GoFormative.

Hello Erin,
Yes! There is a time stamp. Once the student submits a formative there should be a little green check mark next to their name when you look at the response “total” screen. If you hover over the mark it should show when it was submitted. Hope this helps!

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Fantastic @tbland…I had no idea. Thanks for the tip. I know this post was from awhile ago, but this totally helps!

There should 3 timestamps
Date Assigned
Date Due
Date Submitted

They should be visible when you click the assignment on the grid along with
Adjust Settings
View Responses
View Dates

I need timestamps. I am going to start putting the date I create and open the assignment in the title, but I teach middle school. Students aren’t using their time wisely in class. I need to close an assignment for force submissions to show what students worked on during class time. So, putting the date in the title will help students know when the assignment was created, but I need to know when they did the work. When I close an assignment, does that show a date??