Artemis Fowl Formative Challenges! Guarantee learner reading and participation!

Hi @ela_educators

Want to know if your learners are completing class/homework reading for Artemis Fowl?
As part of a two-week project with my colleague (@rpentz) I created five short self-marking Formative tasks (one for each of the first five chapters) which cover:

  1. Characterisation
  2. Plot development
  3. Language (e.g. figurative language, punctuation, vocabulary, register to name a few)
  4. Poetic devices relating directly to the text (e.g. the rhyming scheme from the fairies’ bible, the Book)

I have referred to exact page numbers within Formatives 2 - 5 so the learners could find the answers they could not remember. It worked very well for our grade 8 learners, as many of them didn’t read the text initially but when faced with one of these Formative challenges in following lessons, they were given a second opportunity for student-led learning and to refine their understanding!

Feel free to clone these (see below) and let me know what you think!

Artemis Fowl (1) Chapter 1
Clone Code: TFFMJH

Artemis Fowl (2) Chapter 2
Clone Code: LXWZFE

Artemis Fowl (3) Chapter 3
Clone Code: QDXUGP

Artemis Fowl (4) Chapter 4
Clone Code: WYHSPT

Artemis Fowl (5) Chapter 5
Clone Code: JXQWVJ

@rpentz also created some Augmented Reality (AR) ‘breakout’ scenarios using Metaverse and embedded other Formatives into it to further affirm learner understanding of the content. Feel free to ask to clone those scenarios too and he’ll send you the links!


I really liked the question in the first quiz in which you asked them to identify an image that best matches the description in the novel. I am thinking of how to utilize this as a tool for first impressions, how actions and words impact perceptions of what some one looks like, etc. This question really started getting me thinking.