Assign to just one student while not closing a formative for everyone else

I really, really need a way to reassign a formative to just one student, or to extend the close by date for just one student. If a student is absent it is necessary to extend the due date for that one student. I’ve tried reassigning a formative to one student but it ends up closing the formatives for all the other students and they can no longer refer back to them. In the past I created a separate course for each student using their name as the class name. Then I could individually assign/close/reassign as needed but this was really time consuming.


This is possible now!! Yay. It’s very helpful for the kiddo that’s absent.

If I have a formative open for an entire class, then they complete it, it closes for the entire class at the designated time. Then if I want to reopen for one student who needs extra time for whatever reason, the formative disappears for the all the rest of the students. The students can’t go back and refer to that particular formative. Is that what has been fixed?

Hm. Maybe not. I haven’t tried to view the Formatives from the student’s point of view after I"ve closed it to all but one/few student(s).

(1) However, one workaround is to give the student the ‘guest’ link… maybe send it to the individual in a comment? Then s/he could open the guest link… maybe have to reenter some answers, but it could be done. Then everyone would still be able to view their Formatives and answers. Would that work?
(2) Of course, if the absentee only needs a few days to finish, then reassigning the due date would work and you could reset it later.
(3) Can you remove the due date altogether? Maybe then the students could ‘see’ the Formative but not change any answers.