Astronomers Formative for 4th Grade VA

One of the tough summative assessments our students take is the astronomers and historical contributions to Earth, Sun, Space Systems.
I adpated our curriculum’s assessment to help students meet success.
The video clips will provide a review, and help students build on their understandings.

This is my first real independent formative that included more than multiple choice!

I used the catagorizing and noticed that there weren’t any options avialble to hide answers already used. For fourth graders, this would be very helpful.


Congrats :raised_hands: I love how you used the the Essay questions to help students share their thoughts about the videos and expand upon them. I also like the Categorize question types that you setup. Have you explored the option of including images as answer choices? I could see it working well for Question #1 where you ask students to match up the different achievements with the different astronomers. It could be a good way to support more visual learners. I’d love to hear what other @Science_Educators think as well!

Adding the option to remove the choices for the Categorize question type (once students have used them) is a great idea! It’d be great to hear if this would be useful for others too.