Audio & Show Your Work

Hi all,
Does anyone know if it is possible to combine audio in a show your work question.? Sort of a mini screencastify?


I haven’t used Screencastify yet, but here’s my best guess:
Have students record the show your work (or at least record an explanation of how they worked the problem.) Would they be able to copy and paste the link to the recording? If so, you could put a ‘short answer’ question under the show your work question, where students could place that link.


Dear @tricia.mintner and @kcouchon, Screencastify is really amazing. We pushed the add-on to all of our students. Soon they are able to create their own “how does … work”-videos. :slight_smile:

Actually, you don’t have to use “show your work” because the students can copy paste their video link into a “short answer” question (and you will be able to watch them from the answer page):


Screen shots: (c) Screencastify

Happy screencasting :wink:


@tricia. @michael.lutz
Looking forward to using Screencastify in a Formative. Great use!
I guess I also wanted to know about the Audio type question in GoFormative and whether that could be used inside/combined with a show your work question to explain annotations or drawings?
Could students use these 2 as an alternative to Screencastify…or is that redundant ?
Thanks for the prompt replies!

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I’m pretty sure the Show Your Work and the Audio questions would have to be separate, as I don’t think a link would be ‘active’ within the SYW question.


So let me see if understand this correctly.

  1. The teacher assigns a Formative which includes a Short Answer question directing the student to make a Screencasify explaining how they work out a given problem.
  2. The student works the given problem somewhere on their computer. (Is there a program/app that works the best for you?) This is recorded using Screencastify.
  3. The student can save their Screencastify link in their Google Drive AND they can copy and paste the link into Formative.
  4. The teacher then sees the links on the response page in Formative and can click on the link to view the recording… and then assign points in Formative.
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Exactly like this, @tricia.mintner. The videos from the students that are made with Screencastify are automatically saved in their Google Drive’s. With the sharing button, they can copy the link and paste it into the short answer. Ready for the teacher to view in the response page.
I don’t use another recording app, except for quicktime player that allows me as well to capture my screen.


I think it’s a great idea to use the Audio Question Type to help students explain their other responses (SYW and otherwise)! I definitely had students who preferred talking through their thinking process rather than always writing things out so I think this is a nice way to differentiate the formative for those students.

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