Auto Assign Formative based on score

I have teachers that are seeking a way to “automatically” assign another Formative based on certain score threshold when auto graded. Essentially, if a student get 8/10 right on this Formative they then get a link to a new, deeper Formative. If they get a score of 5/10, they may get assigned a different resource, or have to stay in the current resource until they have achieved the key score. I know there is no inherent way to complete this in Formative, but is anyone doing this with an add on or work around to make plausible?


Do you have an LMS? We have Canvas, and it has a feature to unlock the next assignment when a certain grade is achieved.

This would be perfect for my classes as well. Following!

Unfortunately, we moved AWAY from Schoology which had this feature available in it. We now use Google Classroom , but this feature is not available within this LMS. My Schoology pros are really looking for something like this, hence the ask, as I cannot figure out how to do this.

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