Awesome Assessment Tools Formative

Just created a Formative for a PD we are doing at the end of the month. The session will be over using technology assessment tools. I would love feedback or for someone to go through it to make sure everything works.



Good morning,

I like the many ways you introduce new and experience teachers on creating interactive work for students. In particular on the formative choice, I was trying to work with the pdf, but it was difficult for me, and I can tell it would be for some students/teachers since many opt for small screens to work on assignments. Is there a way you can embed a link to the actual pdf so that it can be downloaded in case someone needs a larger version to read?. Other than that, I think this would be a very successful PD and teachers would have many choices to choose from. They can actually experience how students will feel when working on their assignments.



@damejia Thank you for reviewing the Formative and for the recommendation. I am going to add a link option in addition to the PDF.

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This is put together very well. Good luck to you!