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Rubrics in Formatives…

  • Does anyone use rubrics in formatives? I’m curios what ways this might be being done.

Assessment vs. Instruction…
Do you find you use Formative more for assessment, instruction, or a mixture of both?


I’m waiting for the day when Formative allows rubric scoring! I personally do mastery learning, so everything I evaluate has a rating of “developing,” “approaching,” “proficient,” and “advanced.” I also (mostly) follow Mark Barnes’s SE2R approach for feedback: Summarize what the student did, Explain what was successful, Redirect elements that need more work in order to be proficient, and Resubmit (encourage them to redo and resubmit).

In order to make this work in Formative, I set all point values to zero. Then I have narrative feedback on the various items (often copying this into a separate Google Doc in anticipation of my Quarter 1 and Quarter 3 report-card narratives), and then at the end of my final comment, I’ll include my ratings for the student’s performance on that particular learning opportunity. For example, I might include “content mastery: PROFICIENT” and “critical thinking: ADVANCED.” I don’t put any scores (although you certainly could); those I reserve just for the gradebook. The theory behind this is that they focus less on the point grubbing and actually pay attention to their strengths and areas for improvement). Let me know if you have any ideas on this topic! I’m always looking for ways to make the assessment process more effective!


I teach math, so I don’t often use them, but I’ve used rubrics a few times. Open-ended response questions or questions where I want students to show their work are generally good for rubric grading for me. If I’m using a 4-point rubric, I can assign 4 points to the question.

The tricky part would be if you’re assessing one response for multiple categories. When I taught ELA, for example, I might have given a single writing sample a grade for writing mechanics, another for idea development, another for organization, etc. There isn’t really an elegant way to assign multiple rubric grades to a single question in Formative yet.

You could have multiple questions that follow the essay, though, that you were just asking kids to self-evaluate how they think they did, and then use those to assign the rubric points. I put together a sample from the Texas STAAR Grade 7 Expository prompt and published it to the library. The clone code is YLQCNK.

Enjoy, and good luck!

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