Background Image Disappearing

Does anyone else have an issue for some students where an image you set in the background disappears? It only happens to some students. I have had them clear their cache and cookies but it still doesn’t show up for them. I want them to graph functions so I have been putting an image of a blank graph but it doesn’t appear for everyone.


Hi there,

Is is possible the image is slow to load? Could you send me the URL of the formative? I know this has come up in the past, and we changed how images are loaded to prevent a problem like this, but I have not seen any reports since then.

A few students couldn’t see the graph for #13 and 14 so you can see the wrote off to the side. But I can see it on my side of things

Is there anything special in the way those students are connecting to goformative? Perhaps through a school vpn? I notice the image domain is, maybe it’s a network firewall issue. Could also be an aggressive ad blocker that’s blocking the request. Do you happen to know which browser? Firefox has something called content blocking which could block some resources.

My students use their eraser to fix things and the whole background disappears. It happens with me too when I’m showing them where their mistakes are. I have to go out without saving and then back in and do it again.