Background inconsistently appears

I teach reading intervention and phonics. Formative is allowing me to have a way to have students spell and write words and sentences that I can review live (from my desk) in a Covd-safe way by viewing all answers at the same time on individual questions in view responses. It teach both remote and in-person at the same time. This method allows me to see the writing of both sets of students live. Students love for me to present their results and provide feedback live. My students need help forming their letters, so I have made a background that is the lines required for teaching the formation of letters (like the Big Chief Tablet). Much of the time, this works. But also many times, all or part of the background disappears or the writing students have written does not show up at all for me or has a huge delay. Also, what is shown prior to clicking into their work for providing feedback lags behind sometimes in updating.

Hi there, thanks for reporting this issue. We’re aware of a problem with background images not loading in some cases on Safari and/or MacOS, and are currently working on some fixes. The problem seems to be related to caching, and in many cases can be temporarily resolved by performing a hard reload of the page (clearing the cache).

@Andrea_Bradfield is this still happening on your end?