Background Pic Template to Use

Hello. Alice Keeler made a background template for Google Classroom which I loved and had my students make their own backdrop for our classrooms. One of my biggest pet peeves is I will find a cool picture to use for my Formative backdrop and then it doesn’t show up in the box. So, I just made a Formative Header Template for everyone to use. I also made an Iorad Tutorial to show you how to get it into the Formative. I hope this helps. Maybe I’ll get my students to make designs for the Formative banner! :grinning:

Iorad Tutorial for Formative Template
Formative Template for Background Pic


Thank you so much for making this tutorial and template! This has been bugging me too and now I no longer have to guess how big the image needs to be. I used this for those KWL formatives and it worked beautifully! By the way, that Iorad tutorial creator is very cool. I sometimes lead tech PDs at my school and I could see this being really useful for them :grinning:


Iorad is very useful if you need to show someone how to do several steps and typing it out can become cumbersome. I have helped several people virtually without having to wait to make a screencast.


Agreed! I love how automated it is too!


I saw this before, but I just have to reiterate that this workaround tool you made is awesome! It’s saved me so much time in creating formatives!


Browsing through older posts, I discovered your post. @Lisa_Scumpieru Thank you a lot!


@lwoodard This is something you can use to get the correct header image size!


This is helpful - but I believe the actual dimensions for the header is 1365 x 150 pixels (you have your template set to 915 x 100 pixels). This will result in a higher quality final image upload.

I’m not totally sure - however when I was uploading with the size of your template images were coming slightly skewed and pixelated. I did a bit of investigating and I think that this 1365 x 150 dimension works best. At least that’s what I’ve found. :smile: Thanks for your starting point.

Thank you SO MUCH for this!! I have been trying to figure out the best size for this using Canva