Beauty work around for pdfs and doc files

Dear Community,

My work colleague Gabor discovered a beautiful work around for pdfs and doc files. I love it so much! Therefore I am going to share it with you:

In questions 5 and 6 you see no points (not even a Zero!). It looks as if it is just “text”. How to achieve this: choose “Multiple Choice” and delete all the options. That’s all, simple and effective :smiley:



This is great. Were you able to hyperlink in question 6? How were you able to do this? Have a great day.


@Lisa_Scumpieru Yes, I was: just highlight the words and then click “link” instead of “bold” or “italics”.


@mike How about adding a “text” question to multiple choice, multiple selection, etc.


Hey @michael.lutz, I’m sorry for the delayed response on this. I might need some clarification or further details on this. When you add a “text” question, are you basically just saying you’d like the ability to add random text blocks, content (images / video) &/or links that are not tied to a question type (ie - they don’t have pts associated & aren’t trackable data). Or, do you still want it to be numbered, as though it was a question & have the option for a student input field below the text or links you’re placing there, but remove the point values.

I know we discussed something similar regarding how to improve uploading & editing of pdfs / documents, of which I have notes for when we address that soon…but, I’m not sure if you’re asking for something slightly different here. Thanks for the feedback!


@mike The text block or content with images/video block shouldn’t be tied to a question and won’t have any points. E.g. I tell the students to watch a video or click on a special link, and they will get no points for that. Therefore the tracker doesn’t see it. Only the number (white number in a blue circle) should indicate the presence. Can you make the number “clickable” (=when clicking on number 27, the cursor jumps right away to question 27 and is ready to be written at.)?


Makes sense, thanks @michael.lutz. We’ll put that on our list to review!