Best community - ever

Dear community, team and founders of formative,

It’s so exciting to learn from you all. Thank you so much for all the great ideas, support and appreciation!

What are you thrilled about?


I’m really excited about having another community to share ideas with, learn from, etc.! As teachers, I don’t know if we can ever have too much collaboration and sharing going on, especially in today’s world!


I am thrilled about all of the sharing of ideas and collaboration that is happening amongst the group. It is amazing to see how much we are building a true community of educators!


Well, @michael.lutz, meeting people!!! It is interesting to be able to interact with other teachers from locations other than my school/district.



I’m thrilled about many things but I will strive to keep this short!

At risk of echoing comments already made, I am very excited to have an e-space where I can find like-minded individuals like yourselves to share with and learn from. Within both academic and social networking circles, the focus of late has been on the pedagogic benefits of learner collaboration which is terrific! However, when educators collaborate, generations of learners will benefit with arguably limitless potential.

I am also ‘beyond thrilled’ that in a space such as this, the potential for quality Project Based Learning initiatives could be spearheaded across the globe and encompass not just multiple subjects and schools but countries too!



I am so happy to be part of this group! I have been using formative for two years now in my grade 3 classroom. I use it for math, reading and CERs in science. I am excited about this space and look forward to sharing ideas with all of you!

Susan Castigliego
Hugh Cole Elementary School
Warren RI


Great to see you here @susan.castigliego! I teach 10th grade English, but I think we can still gain great insight from one another. Welcome!


One thing that has been absolutely amazing for me has been learning from all of you. In the past, it’s been awesome to learn how teachers are using Formative through chatting with them over our site, by seeing what others post to social media, and in 1-1 Google Hangouts. But the community center has brought my learning to a whole new level. You all have truly made this place special with your passion for collaboration and the wealth of knowledge that you bring to the table. For example, before I was able to take a look at a formative that a teacher had submitted in our library and appreciate it based on my interpretation and respective teaching experience. But it pales in comparison to what I’ve been able to learn from watching you all lead virtual learning sessions and engage in deep conversations with each other. Through these experiences, I am able to see all the pedagogy and instructional approaches that go into each formative. You all have also really been pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with our platform and got me constantly thinking about new ways to apply it.

Another thing that I am really excited about is all the collaboration that has happened beyond Formative. I believe that it’s absolutely vital to use a variety of tools to support students and as one of the many people who actively strives to help build our community, it’s so rewarding to see that it’s become a valuable place for open sharing and collaboration.

Lastly (for now), what been’s really fun is getting to connect with, hang out and learn more about each of you. It’s so energizing to be able to jump into conversations with passionate educators on a daily basis and when the occasion calls, meet over a Google Hangout.

Thanks for making this place so special! It’s such a joy and honor to be here with you all.

P.S. I have to echo @Lisa_Scumpieru on this! It’s great to see you here @susan.castigliego !


I love that I can connect and collect from around the world :smiley:


STUPENDOUS!!! Project Based learning is a big beast to tackle, but I know that we can put together some wonderful ideas!


I am excited to see how others are using formative in their classrooms. I would love to be able to use those ideas for my own teaching.


I am very impressed with the Formative Community! Great information and people.


I am excited to learn from so many others educators!


I’m excited to get new ideas and learn from other educators!


I feel the same way!!! Feeling exciting to start the collaboration with enthusiastic teachers around the world. :smiley:


I am excited to start using the community and getting ideas from other educators.


We are happy to have you onboard Meredith! Thanks for joining our orientation earlier today! We are excited to supported you in becoming Formative certified :slight_smile:

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Excited to help and learn form other teachers!


Excited to be part of this community! Ready to learn and share new ideas!


I learned tonight about this community and how to become certified. I am so excited to collaborate and learn how people are using Formative, especially since I use it almost daily. I am happy to be a part of this fantastic community, and can’t wait to become certified. I share Formative with every teacher I know.