Better way to grade "show your work"?

As I grade student work, I have maximized their work on the left of the screen, but as I scroll to the next student’s work, the grading window on the right does not scroll along with me? I have to go back and scroll up to the top again to post the grade.

If I use the arrow on the grading window to advance to the next student’s name, their work does not appear in the left window.

I am new to grading “show your work” so any hints are most welcome!




I’ve already placed the wish “grading window should scroll down” two days ago :wink:

My hint: focus only on the grading window on the right and use the arrows to go to the next student (marked in red):


@kcouchon thanks for reinforcing the need to improve the side panel design!


@kcouchon yes being able to sort through the needs to be graded and the incorrect answers is much nicer now. It will make it easier to sort through who still needs through work graded. As a math teacher, I like to use the show your work as well.