Blank Submissions/Questions... can they turn a color other than red?

I would like to see unanswered questions, or questions left blank when submitted to turn a different color than red. When I am looking through student work just for the sake of completion, I still have to look through each additional question to know if they actually missed everything, or if it is “red” because it was left blank. It would be nice to see blank submissions turn purple or something to display that a student skipped it entirely and submitted an incomplete formative.


It’s only red if you force submission and grade blank as zero. If you don’t, whatever question they didn’t answer doesn’t show an oval shape.

But if a student submits an assignment themselves with blank answers, it still turns red. I have students who will do half of an assignment, then leave the other half blank so it looks “complete.” The questions left blank still turn red. When you click on that oval, it says Submitted Unanswered.

If I am looking solely for the purpose to see who completed the assignment vs. who didn’t, I have to click red bubbles to see if they simply answered it incorrectly, or just didn’t do it at all.

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Ohh, this would be good feature that I hadn’t even thought about!

That would be nice, Traci. :slight_smile: Members have asked several times about being able to control ‘blanks’ and whether they should be graded or not. Some teachers grade those blanks as 0s… others provide a ton of problems and only grade students on completion. The ability to ‘not’ count blanks in the % would be much appreciated from several teachers. I had recommended that it be part of the ‘toggle’… points/% actual/% attempted. I know they can do this because the % attempted is the value shown BEFORE a student submits. As a workaround, maybe have your students NOT submit that assignment and you can see the completion grade (score only on those items completed). I put a 0 point problem at the end, that does not have an answer key. It’s usually a ‘how do you feel you did on these’ type of problem. It shows up a light grey on my screen to let me know students have answered it and that I need to grade it. Perhaps at the end of the period/class/day you can tell students to ‘skip ahead’ to that final problem and answer it… and NOT submit, you can see their completion scores without having to check all the rest. :slight_smile: Good luck.