Blended Learning in High School Math - Playlist Model

I use Formative to build playlists that enable my students to progress through each unit at their own pace. Learn more about the model on my web site.

Here are playlists from a recent unit on right triangles from my Geometry classes. I always assign these set to “return scores instantly” so that students get instant feedback as they work, and can revise mistakes as many times as they need.
3.1.1 Pythagorean Theorem applications
3.1.2 Pythagorean Inequality Theorem
3.1.3 Special Right Triangles

I also include short check-in Formatives which do not provide instant feedback which students take once they’ve completed a playlist, to make sure they really got it.
3.1.1 Pythagorean Theorem check-in
3.1.2 Pythagorean Inequality Theorem check-in
3.1.3 Special Right Triangles check-in


I like your approach Jason @appelj! It’s nice to see that you are putting the learning aims at the beginning. I think this is very important! At the end you could ask your students which aims they achieved.

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Thanks for the feedback Michael. I typically include a summary list of the “I can statements” at the end of each unit for students to use as a checklist. Our district is several years into a Visible Learning initiative, based on John Hattie’s work. “I can statements” written in student friendly language and made easily available to them is one aspect of that.

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I think these look great! I would add a few questions at the end that ask students which questions that they struggled with and why as well as which questions/learning targets were they successful in achieving on the first attempt. I think that these questions would give you a better insight into misconceptions and things that students are struggling with before they complete the check-ins.