Blending 7th Grade genetics (Biology) with murder mystery (English)

Immersion Project blending both Biology with English!

The embedded Clone at the bottom of this explanation was part of a project involving a murder mystery novel named The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin. In English, learners had to demonstrate understanding of the plot and the myriad of characters. In Biology, they were learning about the genealogy of frogs so we blended the two together and the learners had to apply their genealogy to the school staff (who embodied characters within the novel) in order to determine their parents!

It was a very engaging Formative and required the learners to apply their knowledge outside Biology class to the all-important ‘real world’ examples!

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‘Genetics’ for The Westing Game 2017


What a great formative @apeters! I love the blending of bio and literature, and I would imagine that the real world example questions really had your students keen to succeed. :+1:


Thanks for the feedback! I’m a big fan of blending multiple subjects under one theme with content aligned, as the students end up having a holistic understanding of everything. The skills learned can be applied practically to solving problems which encourages higher-order thinking and it is incredibly engaging for learners too!