BOGO Team Promo

Hey @informed_members @new_members

We’re currently running a special end of the year promo for new teams. If you’ve been looking at premium or team features now is a great time to sign up as you or your team leader will be able to buy one team license get one free. :smile: A small team license includes up to 7 teachers so you could give 14 teachers team benefits for the price of 7 right now. To find out more about this promotion or team only features and benefits click here or visit our homepage.

If you’re on Twitter, we’d love if you could give us a shout-out or re-tweet the promo. :hatched_chick:

Is there someone that I could contact about this? My admin as a few questions.

Hey @Rachel_Kerr yeah I’m going to put this info here for anybody else wondering—

Here’s a calendar link to schedule a chat with our VP of Sales Jonathan.

Here is the form to submit your information to receive a quote and to qualify for any promotions.