Bold, Underline, Italicize

Thanks for the feedback Sandra! We record every piece that we get! Regarding their writing tasks, which feature do you use to set them up (do you type them out or upload PDF’s of them?). Would you ideally like to be able to highlight text that you type out? Let me know and we could consider adding a highlighter option to the text formatting bar!

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Allowing students to highlight on their end and submit would be helpful too! Especially for reading comprehension type assignments, where they answer a question and then highlight or underline (whatever feature was built) where they found the info for that answer.

I guess technically you could use the drawing feature for this. But it would be neat to have something similar to the schoology feature where there is a question type …but now we’re getting into new thread material.


Hey @teacher.hine ! Thanks for joining the orientation yesterday. It’s great to see you here! We really appreciate the feedback here. I took a look at both highlighting question types that Schoology offers and that’s super helpful in thinking about how we might implement highlighting! We record and consider every piece of feedback we get so definitely keep it coming!

One thing to consider is how language arts and social studies people might utilize this tool. It would be especially appealing to people like me who can’t purchase schoology enterprise b/c it requires a school district contract and my school doesn’t want to make such a purchase. However, the reading and comprehension skills that can be worked on using the highlighting features would be incredibly valuable for my teaching. I imagine it would be appealing to others who don’t have schoology enterprise and considering spending personal money to gain them.


Thanks for bringing that up Joe! We will definitely do what makes most sense for our platform :slight_smile:

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I love all of these new features that we can now use!


I am glad to hear it Madison! Thanks again for joining our orientation today!