Breaking formatives into sections

New user to formative. Is there a way to split a formative into sections, or pages? I am creating a 5th grade math formative. It would be much cleaner, and in my opinion easier, if the questions were shown on individual pages where the students can navigate through the formative. This is especially important when wanting to insert vertical number lines that take a lot of pages.


You have two options. (1) create your own sections by adding a GIF that spans the entire page. (ideas here: How to use for different levels, same subject?)

Or, you can make separate sections by making separate Formatives. For example, lesson 3 can have a 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, etc sections that students can progress through. I do this often in my classes. It gives students a sense of accomplishment as they work through the lesson. The downside, is now there are multiple assignments to grade and monitor. I just keep a tab open for each one and cycle through them looking to give feedback.

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Thank you for the feedback. I had thought of that, and it may work under certain circumstances. However, it does not work:

  1. If I have a longer formative, kids could still get overwhelmed.
  2. Students with a learning disability. This option could cause them to become very overwhelmed.

Thank you again.

I love this idea. There are times where I use formative to make assignments that span several days (rather than an assessment) and I would love to have it sectioned (similar to a Google Form) so that the kids know when to stop each day’s work.
One thing I have done is tried to add images or a text box (using the largest text available) but often the kids scroll right past this.

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I’d like to have sections in Formatives so that when I choose the randomize feature, it will randomize questions in that section. For a geometry test, for example, I wanted to have a group of questions that referred to one diagram, so just shuffling those up questions together would be helpful. Then the next section might be a series of questions in which students had to solve an algebra equation. Etc.


Yes, I completely agree with amorris. I am trying to use goformative instead of Google forms because of the Google translator function (I teach Spanish). But it is such an inconvenience not having the ability to put like questions in sections and then scramble them to avoid cheating.


This is also a feature I would like. I use it a single formative for my bell work for the entire week. We have a hybrid schedule right now and I would like to separate in person and virtual days for ease of use. I have used text to do this right now but if they could navigate from the top, it may help them out.

I agree with this. It can get frustrating to add the same picture to multiple questions simply to be able to shuffle questions. I do it, as shown in this formative: but it is still frustrating to do so.

This is exactly what I’m looking for. I’d like to have a multiple choice section that is scrambled, and an intro where they sign and honor code that comes first, or potentially an open response section that comes after and is also scrambled. This is easy to do on google forms, but there does not appear to be a way to do this on Formative.

I"m also interested in a feature like this. I use the formatives live in class and I would like to be able to pace the students by establishing how far I would like them to work up to, also pause their work at a certain point for us to discuss, then continue after we discuss it. I don’t want to have different formatives labeled individually, first because I think it’s not a good use of time and space, but also I want the freedom to choose where to pause/end the lesson while instructing. I know I can close the assignment and open it again, but when it’s closed it locks for all students and I can’t let my slower processing students time to catch up.


I agree with the idea of randomizing questions within a section! This would be extremely helpful.

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YES. I would love to have sections as an option, both for randomizing AND even more, for subtotaling. I use rubrics for grading, and often have 3 or more per assessment, including one on Communicating Mathematically. I would love to have a section in my assessment specifically for that rubric, which would subtotal automatically, so I can click the rubric score on Canvas, where I do my actual grade reporting. I know I can export the GoFormative scores to a Google sheet and manually subtotal, but I shouldn’t have to. It should be an easy automatic process.

Breaking a formative up into sections is pretty close to being available for teachers :partying_face:

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There is now the option to break information into sections. Click the + mark, then select “sections” . You can add as many as you want.