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Hi formative team
I commented that the Carnival of Mathematics, is an international event of Mathematics that in its seventy-ninth edition, also called 9.3, is organized by the web
I am participating in this with the post Machu Picchu - Breakout Edu by Luis Dávila Banda in PLE ApP, an experience based on the gamification of learning and collaborative work, and using formative.
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I’m interested in knowing more about how you utilized Formative to have students complete a Breakout Edu. I’m looking at using one on Ancient India in the near future, and I also teach about Machu Picchu. I’d love to see what you were able to create and hear about the process that you used to merge the two together.



Hello Jillian, nice yo meet you.
In my blog, You will find the details of the Machu Picchu edu breakout application, using formative and other resources. In this link, You will also find all the materials of this project.
Best regards.

Hola Jillian gusto en saludarte.
En mi blog encontrarás los detalles de la aplicación del breakout edu Machu Picchu, usando formative y otros recursos. En este enlace encontrarás también todos los materiales de este proyecto.
Mejores Saludos.