Bulk incorrect/correct responses?

Would It be possible to select all the incorrect or correct responses together so I could bulk score them and send responses to them. I have 210 students and it will save me countless hours I could use to create content. I know you can toggle using this button:image

but that is not what I mean. I would like a a way to select all the wrong answers across all 6 of my classes at once and send them a comment or image showing them what they did wrong. I would also like to select all the correct answers to tell them what they did right.

tl:dr I just want to optimize my grading, so I can do other things will your platform.

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Currently, there’s no way to accomplish this type of bulk grading between classes. You can only select multiple students for a single question, then score and send feedback as a group.

We tend to use GoogleForms as in Formative it is not possible to score different classes/answers in one go, at least not easily. For this function, it would be great if it were possible on Formative to grade like you can do on GoogleForms!!