Can I assign a score for a whole class?

For subjective questions, is there a way to assign a score to all students instead of typing in each score?

For example, how could I assign one point to all of my students’ responses without clicking on each one? Is that a feature?


Hey Stephanie!

Not yet, but this is definitely on our roadmap! We appreciate the feedback and record every piece so we can use it to inform our designs and feature priority list!

By the way, I love the question! I used to co-teach Spanish and think it’s awesome how you are using Formative to have students show demonstrate their reading comprehension by drawing pictures!


@Stephanie_Hidalgo @david Thanks for asking this question! I had the same one :slight_smile: I am glad to hear that it is something in the works!!!


Glad to hear that you want it too! I’ve noted it!


I recently found that if you click the box with the right hand, you can use your left to press tab, then 1. You can go through much faster, but problem is, if you click away too fast, formative will not recognize the input.


AWESOME workaround for scoring quicker, @mshs ! Here’s a GIF and steps for everyone else:

  1. Click on a response with one hand
  2. With your other hand, press tab and type score
  3. Click on the next response and repeat!

Scoring with tab workaround

By the way, sorry to hear that you can’t go too fast @mshs ! Every time you are entering a score, it’s saving so it takes a little time. Maybe we can speed this up in the future given available technology!


@mshs Thanks for this! I answer a lot of the help questions we get here at Formative and this is a really great method for saving some time. I think this will help quite a few educators. As David mentioned, we really do appreciate every bit of feedback we get. And thanks @david for putting together this GIF. I will definitely show this to some of our educators that write-in. :slight_smile:


Hey Stephanie,
We gave you a shoutout on Twitter using your idea of having students draw what’s happening to demonstrate their understanding/comprehension. Thanks for sharing!

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Would really, REALLY love the ability to do this! I just posted this same idea on another thread too… I’d like to be able to give full credit to the whole class at once, and then just go back and edit the handful of kids who did not get it right.


Thanks, we recorded your feedback!

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