Can we block tabs while taking formative quiz?

Can we block other tabs from being opened, while taking a formative?

Not within Formative. There are other programs, like GoGuardian that can do this. My school has this, so I would check with your school or recommend something. Most of our teachers had no idea we had this feature until IT finally realized that they didn’t and told the whole school.

That is a really great question! As a new Formative user, I hadn’t thought about that concern/option. Collecting math data digitally from my studetns always makes me a little nervous as I worry about the results being valid or not. Being able to block other tabs would definitely be beneficial. Our district uses Securly and I think there is a feature like that. I will have to look into this matter. Thank you for calling my attention to this and I hope you were able to find something that worked for you and your students.