Can you use a formative more than once?

Hello! I am a speech/therapist trying to use formatives to collect data on IEP goals. I was wondering if there was a way to reuse the same formatives for the same students in order to track progress. I would love to use the formatives for data tracking. Thank you!

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I can think of a few ways this would work. Though I normally strongly encourage my colleagues to set up classes, in this case using a guest login with the same formative might work nicely.

Im envisioning that you would name student with a date stamp as their “login name” for example:

Brown, Charlie 11/8/30

Or, any tag that would be vital/relevant to your situation.

Then, the student would complete the formative and your results would all be filed under the same assignment on your dashboard.

A more permanent solution/alternative might be to create a copy of the formative each time you collect data for your student’s goals. If your “class” in formative consists of your caseload students, you’ll be able to use the “tracker” feature to view the student’s collected results over time for each individual formative.

To create a copy, select the formative from your library and click “copy” on the bottom menu when selected. Alternatively, open the formative in edit mode and select copy form the menu along the top right corner.

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Thank you for your help!

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