Canvas Integration

Hello Goformative.
I have been a goformative used for almost 3 years. Every month I look forward to the updates and upgrades I see from this service.
I have a question about integration with Canvas. I know this option is available for school plans but the plugin is very primitive. I was wondering if there was plans to improve this plugin since many schools are using canvas and many schools are looking at online teaching next school year. I plan on designing my courses in canvas like I do every summer, and would love to have goformative utilize with canvas more.

Here are a few sugguestion:

  1. The file manager to find goformative is just a list of all the goformative names. I have over 600 formatives. Which is horrible to find in the canvas plug in. It would be nice if it utilized our folders we created on goformative.

  2. It would be nice it the close dates would pull data from goformative and put them in canvas. This would of been a nice feature and helped me sync my goformative to what my students see online.

  3. Goformative doesnt offer a feature to allow parents to see students progress. Being an online teacher this create a lot of issues because I cant count the number of times students try to attack goformative lost my work. I doubt it, but something that would communicate goformative to speedgrader or something similar would be nice.
    If you import it to speedgrade I would like speedgrade just display the students work and display the total but not pull the goformative grade.

Thank you so much for all you do. I truly believe these features will push goformative to the next level since many schools are required to us canvas due to state mandates.

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I don’t use Canvas, but I DID see it mentioned a lot while looking for COVID resources. I think it’s worth looking into. :slight_smile:

We will be using Canvas as well. I hope to see this come to fruition. My students are much more familiar with formative, so I would prefer to use this primarily.

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